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Our team — Pasha

Pasha - The Heart and Soul of Pet Paradise

Meet Pasha, the dreamer who turned his vision of a one-of-a-kind pet store into reality a decade ago. Beyond his role as founder and General Manager, Pasha embodies the values that define our team. With a passion for creating exceptional experiences, he ensures every visit to Bones Pet Stores is special for both pets and their owners.

With a knack for orchestrating seamless experiences, Pasha goes beyond the ordinary. Need help navigating the vast world of pet supplies? Pasha's got your back. Looking for great nutrition advice or a common-sense solution? Pasha is your go-to guide.

A true pet enthusiast, Pasha is the proud uncle to every dog and cat in Vancouver, his two Italian greyhounds standing as ambassadors of his genuine love for animals. From planning a healthy food selection to staying on top of canine couture trends, Pasha ensures our shelves are stocked with everything your furry friends need.

So, if you ever find yourself seeking more than just pet supplies—if you crave a warm smile, a friendly chat, and a genuine connection with a team that values your pets as much as you do—Pasha and the rest of our team are here to make your visit more than just a shopping trip.

Discover Pasha's favorite at Bones Pet Stores—the Ruffwear Hi & Light Harness. Comfortable, safe, and perfect for everyday adventures, this harness captures Pasha's heart. The colorways for the Spring 2024 season are nothing short of amazing—adding a touch of style to your pet's comfort and safety.



Our Team Sylvia

Sylvia - The Heartfelt Voice of Bones Pet Stores

Meet Sylvia, the enchanting soul behind the scenes at Bones Pet Stores. Sylvia might find it challenging to talk about herself, but her actions speak volumes. Hailing from the captivating landscapes of Ireland, she brought her bravery and warmth to Vancouver, making it her second home.

As the star of our customer service galaxy and the ninja of retail, Sylvia effortlessly maneuvers through the aisles, ensuring every visitor is met with a smile and a wealth of knowledge. The success of our new store in Kitsilano? That's Sylvia's magic at work.

In the world of pets, Sylvia reigns supreme as the princess of all cats and the duchess of all cute puppies. Her regal approach extends to nutrition, where she proudly holds the title of baroness, ensuring our shelves boast only the finest offerings for your beloved companions.

But Sylvia is more than titles and royal affiliations. She's your friendly guide through the labyrinth of pet supplies, offering common-sense solutions and heartfelt advice. Need help choosing the perfect toy or navigating the vast sea of information? Sylvia is not just an expert; she's a caring companion on your pet-parenting journey.

Sylvia's ultimate recommendation is the Go Cat Da Bird toy—an enchanting feline delight that keeps her own cat entertained for hours. With the added convenience of replaceable feathers and a reusable wand, it's the perfect recipe for endless playtime joy.



Our team — Grant

Grant - The Guardian of West End Wagging Tales

Meet Grant, the friendly face and guardian of all things pet-related at our West End store. Not only does Grant work in the neighborhood, but he also calls it home, embodying the true spirit of community service. With his trusty dog by his side, Grant doesn't just serve the community — he's an integral part of it.

Grant's superpower? A genuine love for all pets that walk through our doors. To him, each furry visitor is like an extended family member, and he treats them with the same care and enthusiasm as he does his own dog.

s our resident pet guru, Grant's extensive knowledge about the well-being and health of our four-legged friends is unparalleled. Need advice on nutrition, training tips, or just a friendly chat about your pet's latest antics? Grant is the go-to guy. His passion for helping pet owners is as boundless as his love for the animals themselves.

But Grant's superpowers extend beyond pet expertise; he's the unsung hero liked by our entire team. Whether it's fixing a display, sharing a laugh, or lending a helping hand, Grant's positive energy is the glue that keeps us together.

Discover Grant's favorite at Bones Pet Stores — the Wild Bites Bacon thins — local, single-ingredient wonders that are non-crumbly and irresistibly palatable. Grant's secret weapon for tail-wagging joy. Swing by our West End store and treat your pets to a taste of local delight!



Our Team Sylvia

Olya - The Heart of Hospitality at Bones Pet Stores

Meet Olya, the spirited soul who journeyed from Ukraine to join our team, bringing with her a dedication to exceptional customer service that sets the standard for us all. Since day one, Olya has been the shining example of kindness and patience, reflecting our commitment to ensuring every customer leaves with a smile.

Living in the neighborhood and actively participating in the community, Olya's warmth extends beyond our store walls. Her genuine care and involvement make her a beloved figure both at work and outside. Customers rave about Olya, praising her knowledge and unwavering willingness to assist with anything they need.

At Bones Pet Stores, Olya is more than just a team member — she's the heart of hospitality, ensuring every visit is a delightful experience for our valued customers. Whether you're seeking expert advice, a friendly chat, or simply a warm welcome, Olya is here to make your day brighter and your pet care journey smoother.

Olya's favorite product may not be an obvious choice, but it speaks volumes about her practicality and dedication to providing the best for our customers. With thousands of customers sharing her excitement, Acana pet food stands out as a top-selling brand at Bones Pet Stores.

Why Acana? It's all about quality and practicality. Made in Canada, Acana offers the highest quality nutrition for dogs and cats, reflecting Olya's commitment to ensuring every pet receives the best possible care.

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