Chapter 2. Finding the Right Food for Your Dog or Cat: Three Checkboxes to Consider


As pet owners, we often wonder what the best food is for our beloved dogs and cats. However, at Bones Pet Stores, we believe that the "best" is subjective and can vary for each pet and their individual needs. Instead, we strive to help our customers find what works the best for them and their furry companions. Here are three checkboxes to consider when searching for the perfect food.

Checkbox 1

What You Want for Your Pet: Start by considering what you want to provide for your dog or cat. Think about your preferences, values, and what's important to you and your furry friend. Do you prefer grain-free options? Are you looking for specific ingredients or formulations? Take your time to identify what matters most to you and your pet's well-being.

Checkbox 2

Their Palate Matters: Just as our tastes differ, our pets have their own preferences too. After narrowing down your options, introduce one or a few foods from your list and observe how your pet responds. Pay attention to their excitement during mealtime and their willingness to eat the food. Remember, even the most nutritious food won't benefit your pet if they refuse to eat it. Finding something they enjoy is crucial for their overall satisfaction.

Checkbox 3

Ensuring Tummy Happiness: A food may pass the taste test, but it's equally important to ensure it agrees with your pet's digestive system. Initially, there may be an adjustment period when switching to a new food, which can lead to some upset tummies. However, this should subside over time. Keep an eye on the consistency of their stool and their overall bowel movement. A healthy and regular digestive process indicates that the food works well for their tummies.


By ticking these three checkboxes - considering what you want for your pet, finding a food they enjoy, and ensuring it agrees with their digestive system - you can find an excellent starting point for their nutritional needs. Once you discover a food that meets all three criteria, you have a winner. However, it's also valuable to explore other options to have a variety and maintain flexibility in their diet. At Bones Pet Stores, we're here to assist you in finding the right food that suits your pet's unique preferences and requirements.

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