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OregaPet Toothpaste 60ml


OregaPet Toothpaste 60ml


Natural Toothpaste: Contains oregano oil, peppermint oil and sodium bicarbonate. Sweetened with Stevia. Fluoride free. Optional: Wipe on method works without brushing. No rinsing required.

Signs of Dental Problems May Include: Bad breath, yellow tartar, inflamed or bleeding gums, gagging, slow eating,  missing or damaged teeth, excessive drool, eating with their head tilted.

The triple option system: Can be tailored to fit your preference.While some people may be able to brush a pet’s teeth with the OregaPet Toothpaste times a week, use the Dental Spray at night and give weekly hard treats, others may prefer to modify these options. The more serious the condition the more important it is to use a multi-product approach to effectively protect your pet.

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