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About Us

Our interest in the health and well-being of all pets is reflected in the choices of food we carry. Our freezers are stocked with complete and balanced raw pet foods from Nature’s Variety, Stella & Chewy’s, and Primal. In each category of our diverse selection of freeze-dried, dehydrated, grain-free kibble, and canned foods we chose the best from brands like Orijen and Acana, FROMM, Merrick, ZiwiPeak, and others. Our canine and feline family members love to indulge as much as we do. At Bones we only offer healthy, natural, and simple ingredient treats to ensure any indulgence is a healthy and positive one. From jerky to freeze-dried raw treats, we have something for all dogs and cats to enjoy.

We all love spending time together. You can make that bonding time extra special, and eco-friendly too. We offer high quality toys from natural cotton, hemp ropes and non-toxic biodegradable balls for your dog to organic hemp catnip toys for your cat.

Every dog in Vancouver needs a rain jacket. We carry a range of Canadian Teckelklub jackets that are proven to last, iconic dog coats and accessories by Barbour, performance jackets by Ruffwear and Hurtta. No need to settle for less — if we don’t have the right size for your pet in store, we would be happy to place an order for the exact style and size you choose. Only you can provide the best care and grooming. To do so you may need an all natural shampoo and conditioner from EarthBath and SheaPet, grooming wipes or foam for fussy fur babies, a Furminator to reduce shedding up to 90%, oils to supplement for skin and coat health from OregaPet and Nordic Naturals, Vet’s Best and PetKelp natural supplements from hairball relief to joint and bone health.

We carry beautiful and functional travel carriers and car safety harnesses from Sleepypod in multiple styles. Some offering the ability to remove the top and reveal a lush bed and others that are guaranteed to fit under any seat on any plane. Each available in neutral and vibrant colours.

Our team

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Our story

Why did we decide to open a pet supply store? Let us tell you our story. It is a simple one but you will be able to see us for who we are —  nothing more, nothing less.

It all started when we got Enzo, our Italian Greyhound, and our lives changed forever. As fellow pet owners you must know what we mean. The amount of joy and love we felt was over the top. But with enjoyment came responsibilities. Just like most pet owners, we wanted the best for our dog. Natural food, chemical-free grooming and care products, custom-made clothing — not as a fashion statement but as a practical solution to chilly winters and frequent rains. Leads that would not choke, toys made of safe materials, versatile carriers — this is just the beginning of a long list of things we had to worry about. But it all was worth it! So much so that ... we got Iggy — our second adorable puppy.

Both, Enzo and Iggy, are healthy dogs overall, active and with good appetites. However, we noticed food allergies quite frequently. It was particularly true about treats. Only something prepared at home seemed to be gentle enough on their sensitive stomachs.

In parallel to our adventures as pet owners, another story was developing, a personal one. In that story we were two people who found the purpose of their lives — to create change and to matter. We began to work towards this goal using the skills we acquired throughout our lives. We were at the age when we began to see things for what they are and appreciate stronger moral values.

And then a day came when it became obvious what to do next. We decided to open a pet supplies store because we know we are not alone in the quest to provide our pets with the best. We know there are other pet owners, like you, who feel the same way about their four-legged friends. It is your passion that we pursue and in turn we are lucky enough to have a job we will jump out of bed for every morning.

We worked day and night, we found amazing pet experts, we learnt and will keep learning every day. We did all the heavy-lifting for you to bring the best of what is available for dogs and cats to your neighbourhood. We will always listen to you because you are the reason we are here. This is what makes us feel happy every day.

We are excited to meet all of you, share our passions and we can’t wait to embark on new adventures together!