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Rotational diet? Absolutely!

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A modern pet supply store's selection of food these days is amazing. So many different brands, different types of food — dry, wet, dehydrated, raw frozen and raw freeze-dried. Small bags, large bags, made in Canada and imported from New Zealand, limited ingredients, and grain free. Someone new to canine and feline nutrition may be overwhelmed by the choice. Even in a smaller store like ours there are dozens of options.

All the various foods we offer have something in common — we handpicked them. It may sound like a cliche, so we will briefly explain what it means. We thought of different categories that we would like to see in the store. We stood by the same main principle as for everything else we carry: we only offer products that we would give to our own dogs and cats. We read all the labels to make sure we understand all the ingredients. All these bags do belong on the same shelf, although they all are slightly different and bring something unique to the table.

When we talk about the differences among all the foods one thing seems to resonate with pet parents more often than others — the ability of rotational diets to provide variety and therefore push the goodness of the food even further.

So, what does rotational diet mean and should you be doing it?

Many people are familiar with the fact that when switching from one dry food to another it is recommended to introduce the new food gradually over the period of seven to ten days. This helps to transition to the new food with smaller chance of upsetting the little tummy. This need to transition ensured that pet parents would avoid any change. Doggies and kitties would stay on the same recipe for years. Imagine eating the same food day after day! 

Not many people know that rotational diets exist. They are formulas that were designed to provide variety without the need to transition from one food to another. You can buy a different flavour every time. Run out of beef in the morning, stop by the store and pick up lamb, give it in the evening without the fear of upsetting the stomach.

Very often these diets are line-priced — chicken, beef, lamb, salmon — regardless of the base protein the price is the same. So, every time you buy a bag you ask an exciting question — What flavour today?

You may wonder about the benefit of rotating food. Well, not only there is nothing more precious than the look on the munchkins' faces when you bring something new. They are little personalities and they do understand and appreciate variety. Besides, even though every food by itself is complete and balanced, there are slight nutritional variations. Therefore, rotate not only because the little ones will be excited about their food and benefit from a good appetite, but also because beef has a different nutrient mix than salmon. This variation will ensure that the furry friends will get from salmon something slightly different that what they received from beef.

And in case one of the flavours turns out not to be their favourite, rest assured that we have you covered. Just bring it back and try something else. So, why not rotate when there is more value for the same cost?

Please remember that all raw recipes are rotational. Even between brands. Give Stella & Chewy's frozen beef in the morning and Primal frozen chicken in the evening. Or, add a different freeze dried flavour with every dry food.

Dry food is rotational only within that brand and that line. We carry some of the best among which are FROMM Four star with six grain-free and five with-grain recipes. Rotate all eleven, stick with six grain-free varieties, or choose from six chicken-free options in case of an allergy. Other rotational dry foods include Nature's Variety and locally-made First Mate.

Grab a sample of something awesome at the store today and find out even more about the latest in canine and feline nutrition.

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