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CBD supplement for dogs and cats

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How to choose the best food for dogs and cats?

dry food price raw

Today we would like to share a few ideas on how to select the best food for your dog or cat. Which brand, what type — dry, wet, dehydrated, freeze-dried and frozen raw, what size of bag, what size of kibbles or nuggets, puppy, senior, protein level? These are only the tip of an iceberg of questions. And it doesn't really matter if you are a new pet owner or a seasoned one — the selection that we have today is nothing like what was there even a few years ago. It...

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Rotational diet? Absolutely!

dry food raw rotational


A modern pet supply store's selection of food these days is amazing. So many different brands, different types of food — dry, wet, dehydrated, raw frozen and raw freeze-dried. Small bags, large bags, made in Canada and imported from New Zealand, limited ingredients, and grain free. Someone new to canine and feline nutrition may be overwhelmed by the choice. Even in a smaller store like ours there are dozens of options.

All the various foods we offer have something in common — we handpicked them. It may sound like a cliche, so...

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Anesthesia-free dental cleaning for dogs

care dental grooming


We will never get tired promoting all things dental. Having paid thousands of dollars to vets, having tried various "dental" treats and supplements, we came up with what works for us and are happy to share this experience.

There are a few components to better dental health: food with less carbs, regular brushing, harder chews and professional teeth cleaning. Raw food, daily brushing, daily antler or hoofer and annual check-ups work for us. To our knowledge, there is no "magic" ingredient or product that can make all that tartar and...

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Doggy manicure: Cutting and Grinding Nails

care grooming


We hope that there is no need to explain why nails have to be properly trimmed. Too long nails may cause discomfort, may even break and cause pain and inflammation, and eventually may lead to skeletal damage. At the same time trimming nails is something that you can easily built in to your grooming routine. Some people prefer doing it by themselves: not only this saves time and money, but it also allows for some extra time together taking care of your best friend. For other people taking their doggy to...

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